Email Marketing: Mistakes you should avoid with Emails

I find it fascinating when I receive emails with mistakes on it. It’s not because I’m judging them on how they send their emails, it’s because I’m learning from them. Email marketing is one of marketing strategies that gets prospects attention. If they already open it, it means that they read it. Even though they response with a negative voice, it doesn’t matter. Why? Because they read it, and now you know your emails are being read around the world.

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Lead Generation: 5 ways to generate quality leads

Sending out hundreds of emails, printing flyers and blast yourself through the social media. But you still haven’t acquired what you’ve been looking for, Leads. Well, there are tons of ways to generate quality leads, so don’t give up and raise your head up high.

Here are some of it.

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Coping up with the Noise in Social Media Marketing

We all know that Social Media are meant for B2C marketing, but for some reason B2B companies tried it, and things began to be pretty complicated for regular web surfers.

Every Social Media Sites are packed with personas that marketers created to get prospects’ attention (Note: Everyone of us here are prospects) which always creates a lot of Noise due to Comment and Messages that persona’s sent.

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Why it’s better to pretend clueless when B2B prospecting

There’s nothing wrong with being knowledgeable about certain things. It’s just that, people hate it when you are overly presumptuous about what they have to say. This is why people are being more arrogant, they think they’re better and smarter. Well news flash, in this world, everyone is smarter than you apparently.

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