Acquiring Sales Leads From Modern Wanderers

You might not know this but there’s an increasingly large number of wandering workers in the world today. No, these aren’t the lazy hobos asking for a quick buck just from washing a window. These are fully-fledged professionals who simply lack full-fledged loyalty to a single employee.

And during times when traditional corporations are crumbling hierarchies, it won’t be long until you find yourself looking for sales leads from these wanderers.

At this point, maybe a good way to get a rough idea about these freelancers is through a classic role-playing game: Dungeons and Dragons.

The game isn’t just a bunch of nerds/geeks sitting around a board while tossing around a bunch of dice and figures. It’s a group of people, whose lives and agendas are not that far apart from today’s growing population of freelance workers.

  • They’re everywhere. Literally. – In D&D, characters are practically going everywhere. They could be going through a pyramid dungeon one moment and then fighting against a demon army the next. Thanks to mobile technology, plenty of freelancers are now, well, free to virtually go anywhere for work (whether it’s a good thing or bad thing remains to be seen).
  • They’re their own authority – People like these could serve a variety of roles. Sometimes they’re virtual assistants. Other times they’re in charge of something bigger. However, one thing you can work to your advantage is that they only ever answer to themselves and whatever gets them a higher pay.
  • New kind of consumer – You can even say they could create a new niche that blends consumers with that of professionals. A B2B-B2C hybrid that requires you to adopt tactics from both fields. Price ranges might fluctuate but the rest of the buying process would need drastic simplifications.
  • Mixing priorities – And lastly, you can’t have a hybrid of work and life without the possibility of personal objectives getting in the way of major business objectives. (It’s kind of like how the individual agendas of D&D characters don’t always jive with the goals of the bigger questline/adventure).

If you’re more familiar with how D&D goes, your role is somewhere between playing the item shopkeeper and that of the Dungeon Master himself. Getting sales leads from the modern adventurer requires you to do a bit of roleplaying yourself.

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