Aggressive telemarketing doesn’t get you anywhere

“No matter how the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it.” – Emperor of china, Mulan

A quote that we all might have a different understanding or meaning behind it. But one thing is for sure, if a telemarketer is like Shan Yu, then you better be the emperor of China in that state, calm and fierce (In a way that you can talk about without getting angry or rude)

We all know that half of telemarketers will be aggressive, and this worries Telemarketing Company. Some telemarketers won’t follow the rules or some will follow their supervisor order and that is to be aggressive, and this is a big “NO” to us phone users and prospect

We’ve seen many people being aggressive to get what they want and the one who’s paying the price is the bystanders. And yet, some people are still unaware that they can do something to get rid of this aggressive people or telemarketers, and here’s how:

  • Stay calm – Don’t get angry all of a sudden when you are being annoyed by them, they will be aggressive if you respond negatively. Might as well, kept quiet and stay calm.
  • Respond positively – No matter how angry you are or annoyed, you mustn’t bring into it. I know it’s hard to be calm when you are annoyed by a person or a telemarketer. But all you have to do is just response positively.

We all know that people are always annoyed if he/she doesn’t want what they offer and kept on following you or calling you around. It’s normal to be annoyed; I get annoyed when I’m not feeling well. But this doesn’t affect my response to people, why? Because I know that they’re just doing their job. Recognizing someone as a sells person you must understand that they are just doing their job.

If you response and say “maybe next time or no thanks” I’m sure that they’ll call you a month and keep on telling them this. They won’t get anything if they’re being aggressive.

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