How Appointment Setting Actually Has Less Red Tape Thanks to Technology

A couple years ago, there were some who feared that the rise of online marketing and its respective technologies would bring an end to a lot of appointment setting practices. The picture being painted was that of professionals rejoicing. Meanwhile B2B telemarketers and direct mail lead generators are sadly hanging their hats in the face of their supposed empowerment. Technology, it seems, has now added a firewall to push their gradual elimination from the sales process.

In reality though, those same disheartened professionals could actually stand to gain more from these improvements. Appointment setting could actually be a whole lot easier because technology has found a way to cut out all the red tape.

Today’s technology are the new scissors for marketing’s red tape.

Telemarketing, for example, has often been a practice hounded by DNC regulations and the pervading notion that all marketing calls should’ve been banned decades ago. However, can the DNC even apply when it’s the prospect who willingly makes the call straight out of their mobile phone?

Thanks to Google, that too is now possible.

Of course, it’s been a standard argument among telemarketers that DNC never applies when the call is an inbound one. On the other hand, who would’ve thought that having a mobile conversation without bringing in the DNC would be possible thanks to technology?

Here are some other similar possibilities:

  • Scheduling straight via mobile – Whether it’s from an ad itself or for when they stumble upon your website, prospects can now willingly set a schedule with a sales rep at the swipe of their fingers. A pre-qualifying call can also be made on the spot in order to clarify simpler questions and provide extra information for a sales rep.
  • Targeting regains its original meaning – Targeted marketing didn’t have much of a heyday even during the reign of unsolicited telemarketing. Today, the success of attracting potential prospects rely less on technical scruples and more on classic questions such as: “Is this what prospects want to hear? Am I tackling the most relevant issues on the market?”
  • Marketing could never be more direct – Thanks to the technology, direct marketing has taken even more forms than it has in the past. With the proper use of a website, prospects inquiries are more regular and can come from a wider range. The best part of all though is that there’s no point in bringing in talk of regulations since everyone already is in the mind to talk business.

Gone are the days when appointment setting campaigns have to worry constantly about whether or not they violated some new telecommunications law or called a mobile number. All you need to do now is simply leave something so that they can call you!

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