IT Appointment Setting Tips – Less Work or Better Work?

When it comes to technology, it’s very easy to confuse reducing the amount of work and improving the work being done. Sometimes they can be one and the same. However, your best prospects blaze through your appointment setting for only one of these benefits: That is the improvement of their work.

What’s the simplest reason for wanting better work instead of just less work? Productivity. Just because a new technology seems to cut all the work for potential customers doesn’t mean they’ll see a boost in their productivity. That’s never been the real cool factor about it. In fact, seeing how much a technology reduces the work only inclines them to be lazier with their jobs, not better. Look at how Big Data is mistakenly thought to replace the entire process of market research.

Likewise, the same goes for any marketing innovation you think will generate more sales appointments for you. The truth is there is no secret formula that’s going to just turn your lead generators into super soldier sellers.

That’s not all though. Just focusing on generating a better work experience is not a secret formula either. To properly execute it, you need a standard mix of:

  • Content marketing – It’s been proven that today’s B2B prospects think more independently and do more research than a decade ago. This means today’s B2B marketers need to invest more in creating helpful content and trustworthy thought leadership to foster trust among inquirers.
  • Persistent multi-channel marketing – There is no single strategy that will win you a sale any more these days. They do have one goal in common, though: letting your prospects know you exist. You can do this with both a persistent content marketing strategy as well as persistent outbound strategy. (In fact, why not both?)
  • Personal touches – By this, it means personal in the strictest, most human sense of the word. Don’t treat your prospects as your next sales opportunity. Treat them as you would anyone with a problem. You might be narrowing your focus to industry, niche problems but you must be helpful all the same.

Come to think, the above mix is also an example of better work and not just less work. It’s not just about the amount of investment you make.

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