How Armed Are Your Lead Generators?

You might think the title is suggesting something crazy but don’t be fooled. Today, everyone is a combatant. You might not see it as you’re sitting there in the comfort of either corner office or cubicle but there is definitely a battle going on.

Because really, you’d be lying to yourself if you think the internet can’t be a very dangerous place for lead generators.

If you’ve never heard of Safer Internet Day, now would be a good time to look it up. It can sound lot like most awareness events. But given that plenty of today’s lead generation activities are online, it’s high time you realize that the internet can be as perilous as the world of Azeroth or the planet of Tatooine.

As Machiavelli said, “Before all else, be armed.”

On the other hand, there’s a fine line between proper security protocols and outright paranoia. You don’t want your marketers and appointment setters doing work that’s supposed to be the responsibility of your IT department.

Much like in a role-playing game, everyone has a role to play or a character class to fill in. What are the ones that are most analogous to your B2B marketers?

  • Traveling merchants – As previously stated, you can’t always spend so much time learning how your online marketing activities could lead to a security breach. Learn to hire and work with an experienced group of IT and tech professionals. Coordinate and negotiate with them much like how a medieval merchant would with their caravan guards as they decide the safest route.
  • The swift messengers – Sometimes you just want to send a message. In that case, your marketing strategies need to be swift, subtle, and most importantly, free from compromise. Practice targeted marketing tactics to make sure there is no way a message can either be wrongfully intercepted or misinterpreted as another phishing or scam tactic.
  • The informants – If you must, fight fire with fire. If you feel like the kind of business that has to deal in the black hat side of online marketing, you need to make sure the same loopholes or breaches can’t be used against you. For that, you need informants: People with knowledge on both marketing and IT ends.

It’s not enough to just happily go about your work routine and things are all hunky-dory because you’ve some decent anti-virus installed. The threats of the internet are very real and you need to be more armed than that if you don’t want online bandits harassing your lead generators.

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