How to Arrange Your Multi-Channel Sources of Sales Leads

Every B2B organization has at least one valuable source for new leads. It can be networking, the internet, e-mail, direct marketing, or even all of them combined.

Despite that, you should never ignore the possibility of another untapped resource standing right outside the door, just waiting to be integrated into your greater marketing strategy.

We all would like to tap into the next most valuable source of sales leads one way or another.

Don’t a rush to blast calls or emails though. There’s no point reaching out to so many different channels if you only wind up repeating yourself to the same prospect.

Sometimes we need to slow down and reflect on how to arrange your resources so that they won’t clash (both in terms of using the leads as well as generating them).

Don't get all your lead sources tangled!For example, suppose your best leads come from the referrals of satisfied customers. But while customer referrals are quite powerful, there are so many ways to generate them as much as leads.

You have trade shows and seminars. If you’re talking about referrals online, that by itself requires the use of many online marketing tools like advertising, search engine marketing, blogs and social networks, online directories, and even podcasting.

But for all your capacity to reach a large audience, you need to sort it out or else the flow of the message (and to an extent, the flow of leads) winds up badly mixed. Take the following precautions:

  • Target the most valuable sections and segment them. Ideally, all leads, customers, and prospects are valuable. However, priority can be another matter. Focus engagement on prospects according to how sales-ready they are.
  • Segments should have different nurturing methods. Those who are only interested (e.g. they only attend your tradeshow, brows your website etc) shouldn’t be engaged one-on-one just yet. On the other hand, you might consider it for those who want to know more information.
  • Measure the cost of internet advertising, promos etc. Don’t spend too much on methods that only spark if you get more investment from nurturing your leads. They can be a source of referrals but the quality of it needs to improved until it’s considered a real lead.

Recognizing the most valuable source for leads requires understanding the different ways they make prospects sales-ready. This keeps your multi-channel campaign from collapsing on itself and mixing up its different resources.

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