B2B Appointment Setting Tips – Marketing Stuff a Prospect Can’t Use

This sounds like a crazy idea, if not a really bad one. Why would you commit the age-old mistake of marketing something a prospect can’t use?

Is that the recipe for ailed appointment setting strategies?

Well, first off that’s actually true. What’s not true is that you should disqualify all prospects merely on the grounds that they can’t employ your product and service.

Picture this scenario. A prospect shows vested interest. They have the budget. They have the time. Only need is missing. Sound strange? Why would a prospect want something but can’t bring themselves to actually use it?

Well, what if they didn’t have room? And by room, that could mean anything from actual physical space to something more abstract like space in the infrastructure or even virtual space (like the memory space needed to install a particular application).

There are plenty of unexpected situations when a prospect has everything except the capacity to take your product in and utilize it. Still, it’d be a shame if your prospect missed out on their opportunity. Try giving them these options:

  • Testing – Find a way to let them test your product so that they can really convince themselves that it can be a good investment. Who knows, they might even find additional uses for it!
  • Compromise – Look for any place your product can squeeze in. Maybe you need to tailor it down to a particular size or ask them to make adjustments for better integration.
  • Offer additional service – You can offer to give them their own space or even create the situation they would need to actually realize the benefits of your product.
  • Give them time – Sometimes they may just need some time to figure out how to really get the most out of their investment in your product. No need to push a sale that’s already there.

All in all, the desire to use a product and the capacity to use a product can sometimes be two very different things. The most important thing however is that a prospect still sees your value proposition and would like to have it.

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