B2B Marketers and Their Modern Scruples

There used to be a time when B2B marketers worried about the finer points of the sales process. “Did I say the right thing?” “Were these the numbers they wanted to see?” “Do these people trust me?” Today, the first thing they worry about is whether or not the numbers are high enough whether it’s the data churned out by their CRM system, the number of emails they’ve sent, or how the links they’ve peppered across the net.

What’s odd is not just how these things may have little to do with the quality of your marketing messages or whether your prospect is actually all that eager to do business with you. It’s the fact that even tech companies are trying to eliminate these scruples and take everything back to how it used to be.

To start with, a lot of the old SEO tricks are fading out. Link building just became a recent entry on that list actually. In the same sense, plenty of software vendors are trying to deliver systems and tools that are simpler to use so as to avoid arduous consultation with the IT department.

What all this means doesn’t have to be complicated. Technology doesn’t have to represent the anti-thesis to ‘simpler times.’ It can actually take B2B marketers and salespeople back to them in a way remastered versions of Disney movies do. It means that even those working on the technology side of marketing don’t want you suffering the unnecessary scruples.

Here’s how you can help it along:

  • Trust not in the tech but in the people behind them – If you’re in any sector of business technology, this should be a no-brainer. Technology is but the product of people who are working to earn your trust as much as your money. If you can’t understand what it means to trust someone with the expertise you need, you can’t expect the same from your own customers.
  • Look for alternatives instead of loopholes – Google’s eventual actions against link and keyword spammers only prove one thing: Loopholes are bound to get plugged. Instead of constantly finding something to exploit, search for alternatives to gaming the system. If you can’t rely on the bugs of a search engine, simply log off and build a reputation the old fashioned way. Get people to Google you manually. Do more than just blog about it on the net. Share other things that provide value to both prospects and customers. Even just making a few, well-timed calls can create a better impact.
  • Don’t put your eggs in one basket – Adopt an approach that has you having a back-up plan to another back-up plan. Alternatively, get a lead generator that can back another lead generator. There’s a difference between properly investing in a method and just throwing all your eggs in one basket. It’s about knowing how well you can do with a certain marketing tool or strategy and then having something else to fall back on in case something doesn’t work.

Whether it was during the medieval heyday of merchant guilds to today’s politically savvy salespeople, technology was never meant to be the cause for worry when it came to connecting to the right customer. There’s something wrong in your approach when you have too many scruples about the means when you should also keep the ends in mind.

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