How B2B Marketing Can Still Alter Predictions

A blessing and a curse can technically be the same thing. It’s all about perspective. It’s like those FIFA animal oracles. There may be only one Bighead the Turtle but his predictions would look pretty different from, say, the perspectives of the Brazilian and Colombian soccer team.

For one side, the prediction is a source of national pride. For the other, it’s a death sentence. In the field of lead generation and B2B marketing, this is more commonplace than most people think. Look at all the predictions people make about upcoming and passing trends. For some, it’s a new source of revenue and opportunity. For others, it’s the end of traditional strategy (or worse, an entire industry).

But whenever a bad omen is headed towards the predicted losers, do you think a professional sports team is going to take it? Do you think a professional marketing team is just going to stand by and let the industry chew them up out?

On the contrary, it’s merely a challenge. A challenge to prove predictions wrong.

In the business world, dire predictions aren’t so much death sentences as they are calls for change (and half the time, the change is big). The future isn’t always definite and that gives lead generators the choice start implementing those changes. Whenever your research analytics are showing some pretty bad numbers, it’s high time to make those changes at what’s driving those numbers. Are you connecting to the right prospects? Is your nurturing process outdated? What forms of communication do you invest in? Here are some of the popular predictions on the future of marketing and see how they simply call for change:

  • Customers gaining control – Social networking and mobile technologies make for a highly connected audience. Whether they are at work, at home, or on the road, there are more contexts in which you can have a B2B conversation (which in turn, influence their buying process). Couple that with the influx of more information from online referral sites, B2B customer reviews, and professional networking, today’s B2B marketers are bracing for a world where there is more emphasis on influence than direct control.
  • Changing work environment – Smartphone and tablet forecasts are directly tied with increasing presence in professional work places. Topics such as BYOD are becoming frequent in the IT community. Whether it’s the security of opening work emails on mobile or granting access outside office hours, changes in work environment require marketers to really speak on policy issues as they crop up. It’s not just about having a mobile marketing strategy anymore.
  • Social marketing is in – The World Cup alone is proof enough that social media is making waves. But with those waves, companies are in danger of wiping themselves unless they adapt. More tracking is needed to really justify costs. Many are shifting focus to industry specific networks and even diving deeper into private online communities.

Numbers may not lie but you can still change the truth of their prediction if you know how to act. Take a second look at today’s common marketing predictions and find out what you can do to change the course.

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