B2B Marketing: Not set in Stone

B2B marketing is not set in stone. It can easily create new ways of marketing. As for now, we are stuck with three marketing strategies that can help marketers get a sale which is Telemarketing, E-Marketing and Social Marketing. All in which are truly annoying, if you don’t have the time and money to listen, that is.

Last two weeks ago, The Head of FFC has his eyes on the Robo-calling in the U.S:

“We are giving the green light for robocall-blocking technology,” FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler wrote on the federal commission’s website. “Telephone companies can — and in fact should — offer consumers robocall-blocking tools.”


                This will surely affect the marketing industries big time, with the blocking of spam emails and now this, blocking robo-calling. Well, I can say I can see that coming way before it telemarketing became famous. But with this, Marketers will change its game plan and focus on creating a new way in marketing. Well, we still have social media marketing; one of the three main marketing strategies being used today, which nice.

But I’ve got to ask, How many businesses or companies are out there that uses the three marketing strategy, Hundred, Thousands? Whatever the case maybe, there are businesses out there that’s willing to use any means to get a sales. So creating a new strategy is possible for our generation today. This is how we survive in this world, by doing whatever it takes to live another day

Last time I was called by a telemarketer was last week, and I know for the fact that they used social media to contact me, through FB or whatever website that has my information. I’m not mad; rather I’m surprise that they searched all in this planet, I’m not a business owner, but I’m a consumer so it’s still counts if I am persuaded to buy their product or service.

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