B2B Marketing Tips – Slip in to Watch the Game

One of Google’s recent World Cup doodles really strikes the B2B chord. It only goes to show that, even in the business world, global sporting events have an impact.

Now how can you take advantage of this using your B2B marketing strategy?

GoogleDoodleFIFABossFor the last two weeks, viewers from all over are seeing dramatic victories featuring their favorite teams.

These in turn may have stolen plenty of workers’ attention whether their office is in Ghana or Washington. What could really be the best part though is that there’s no real link between this and loss of productivity.

So since you can really set that aside, here are some ways you can learn from Google’s playbook and slip in some marketing for the pleasure of all your sports-viewing B2B prospects.

Check the time zone

For example, workers in the U.S. don’t have much of a timezone difference from Brazil. That makes it all the more likely they’ll be watching a live game. So if you’re targeting prospects in relatively close areas, you need to keep this in mind.

On the other hand, those who choose to use sick days in order to watch the games late at night should actually be a cause for relief for B2B marketers. It can help you reschedule any attempts in contacting prospects that might not as well be in the office the following day.

Help maintain productivity

A good rule to keep in mind is that productivity isn’t necessarily measured in hours. Whether you’re advertising or creating content, use your B2B marketing activities as opportunities to make small acts of assistance. For example, send an email that details the score so they’ll feel less tempted to check a TV. You can even help the bosses themselves, advising them on how to specialize your network to allow streaming or use the opportunity to create minor rewards and incentives.

Apply derivative ideas

You might get some ideas from watching the game yourself! Ideas are good for marketing because they can be shared. You can share it on your blog or LinkedIn status. You can apply to other areas of your marketing campaign like appointment setting.

It’s not that easy to let the World Cup fever run by you and not give it even just a little bit of notice. Google’s certainly helping that along. Why not just tag along and see what else you can come up with?

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