B2B Sales lead Tip: Everyone is walking on a Tightrope

B2B Sales lead advice

Don’t get excited when a prospect replies. Why? Because they are just inquiring or just looking for businesses that can promise them great Sale.


But first, Let’s define “Sales Lead” An individual (Business owner) that shows interest and provides their contact information.

With that definition, you might already grasp the concept of what B2B Sales Leads is. But don’t get too excited when they show an interest. Why? Because they aren’t quite sure if they can AFFORD your service.


Yes, they have already shown interest in your service. But the question is, “Are they ready to pay for it?” This will lead into a confusion. As a lead generator, I can honestly say that most leads are quite confusing, they will ask for some prices, but will gradually turn it down or say “I don’t have that money yet” which will lead to a “follow-up call or appointment” then when you call them, they will say “I’m not interested”

Which is kind of annoying to some lead generator. Because we have to wait a month or so for their answer, but it turns out, they aren’t “INTERESTED”


I guess it’s true when I say “Everyone is walking on a tightrope” hard to walk through and hard to balance oneself. In this case, their minds. An unclear mind of a lead can gradually put a dent in your business. You’ve waited, but got nothing in the end. You’ve waited, but got rejected” but the question is, “Are you going to give up on that lead?”

Some of you may answer “Yes” while others are still doubting if they should. But as a lead generator and a marketing researcher. I could say that a lead is better than none. Some of the leads that took an interest in our company, still contacts us for lead generation, even after being rejected by them.

This is how marketing works. You shouldn’t just give up on that lead just because they’re walking on a tightrope. You should be waiting at the end of that Rope with an open arms and say “Gladly to do business with you”


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