Why it’s better to pretend clueless when B2B prospecting

There’s nothing wrong with being knowledgeable about certain things. It’s just that, people hate it when you are overly presumptuous about what they have to say. This is why people are being more arrogant, they think they’re better and smarter. Well news flash, in this world, everyone is smarter than you apparently.


Yes, there’s nothing wrong with being smart. It’s just that, you aren’t smart enough to stand your ground. If a person stood up and confronts you, I bet you’ll deny anything you’ve said so far.

So why it is better to pretend to be clueless when prospecting? Well, it’s simple really. Pretending that you don’t know anything means that you are open to learn. And by doing so, many businesses will notice that you are indeed curious about how their business works.

Intelligences alone aren’t what gets you from one place to another. What gets you from one place is a better understanding of things before exploring it. But of course, you shouldn’t rely solely on what you’ve read in books or a news article, you should depend everything on what you can learn in and out of your surroundings.


Marketing sole purpose is to sell. Businesses will showcase their products to customers who might need or want their product or service, and when you ask business owners what they are looking forward for, they’ll answer “SALES”. Again, there’s nothing wrong in thinking that Sales will help your business. But there are things other than sales that can help your business to grow.


Building a healthy relationship with other business owners can help your business grow. May it be for a referral or endorsement, they can help you get what you want. If you are willing to cooperate with them in their terms, but don’t forget to pitch in your terms.

PARTNERSHIP/ Long term or Short term

After obtaining a worthy relationship, who knows, maybe it will spark a new business proposal, a partnership. In B2B, you’re selling your products to businesses. But wouldn’t it be better to have a business partnership rather than having a sale? Of course the problem in having a partnership is that, you will only get a percentage of what you agree upon too. Like 40% or 50% of the profit. But nonetheless, this can ensure you that your business will continue to grow, even if you only get what you agreed upon too.

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