Can You Cover Appointment Setting while Competing?

The answer feels like a yes. When you’re in direct competition with a major industry player, you both still benefit marketing-wise. The attention you draw to each other might naturally result in more prospects going through your appointment setting process. In fact, some prospects are daring enough to select both of your companies just for the sake of scale.

Still, a fight’s still a fight. You’re not just there to show off and win hearts. You’re there to win and to win means you’re making an even more powerful marketing statement. Can you balance between maximizing the interest you’ve generated and at the same time, focus on one-upping your competitor?

Think about this carefully. You know those little clichés where the macho guy is taking it all from the crowd but all of a sudden, the skinny little underdog comes up from behind and gives it to him?

That’s a good representation of what happens when you’re too caught up marketing the competition instead of actually trying to win it.

  • Competition generates its own PR – You don’t necessarily have to invest so much telling everyone that your product’s the Mac of your competitor’s PC. It’s going to show when your prospects buy and start using the product.
  • Everyone else watches from a safe distance – Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers is a fan of both Salesforce and Hubspot. And as such, he has no real stake if either one loses. Unlike him however, both companies have higher stakes in the outcome. All the more reason to stay focused on winning the fight instead of seeing how they react to it.
  • Outsourcing as your ringside support – Maybe you can’t really afford to relax on the publicity. After all, who says your competitor hasn’t got you beat in that department either? Regardless, you can always just outsource your appointment setters to take charge. Remember, your loss (or your win) is what’s going to magnify the attention you got from challenging an industry contender.
  • Use cheers to boost morale – Finally, you can equate positive marketing results with a boost in morale and guide your next move. Instead of relying on marketing to win your battles, listen to the feedback that it generates. Don’t just stick to the positive. See where you could be doing wrong so that can pick up the pace.

While it’s true that good marketing can make you feel like you just overtook competitors, it’s the core of your business that makes up the actual steering and speeding. Don’t try to do many things at once. Focus on winning the fight and not just soaking up the cheers you get from it.

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