Can Selfies Boost B2B Marketing Metrics?

Since 2010, selfies have only gained more widespread popularity as they go from the stuff of teens to that of marketing sensations. What started as just another form of social media sharing has now spawned other new trends from the unofficial Selfie Olympics to the recent 86th Academy Awards and even post-riot Ukraine.

And while it’s still up to companies to allow smartphones at work, using the selfie phenomenon has become the business world’s answer to showing its personal side when marketing.

HT_ellen_degeneres_lawrence_selfie_sk_140302_16x9_608Still, what of the moderate and professional level of authority that still needs to be maintained? How can you boost the motivation and creative streak that is much needed in marketing without abuse to the privileges? Here are the pros and cons:

The Pros

The growing cult of selfie users celebrates mostly regular people. Photographs of everyday individuals are more available than photos of celebrities, heroes and models.

And while there are still many controls to how they appear online, the idea is to get people reacting when they see those moments of your daily office life. In a way, it bridges the gap between yourself and your target market. It makes more of a group of people and less of an unfeeling corporate entity. And by extent, the way it boosts self-esteem can also be another way to boost company morale.

The Cons

The most notorious disadvantage is that it’s a double-edged sword. Yes, the amount of positive reception can boost morale. The likes, retweets, and shares can further boost marketing. However, it’s already a known fact that marketers shouldn’t be over-dependent on those metrics.

There’s also the risk of prospects basing their judgment on just what they’re seeing. Comments can go out of control. Not to mention, those with really low self-esteem can turn the privilege into an addiction.

Overall, opinions vary whether selfie culture is lame or legit. It’s really all up to you if this will or will not benefit your marketing campaign. Ask yourself with their used purely to show a personal side or are you desperate for more likes? If you fall under category two, you should really consider other ways to improve your marketing metrics.

That could mean cutting selfies out entirely or just scaling them back. Everything you share on social media reveals something about your business and you are in control.

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