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Telemarketing – A Big Way to Announce A Big Update

We live in an age where every update and piece of news is tailored to the things we only find relevant. This goes for the IT products and services of your company towards your customers. It can be a bit disruptive at first but people have quickly adapted to look out for any piece of info that could impact their daily routine.

It’s actually a two-way relationship.

On one end, your customers continuously check for updates regarding issues from your services. While on the other, you constantly check for feedback on those updates.

With that said, what’s the best way to approach them when your technology is in need of a massive overhaul?

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B2B Marketing Basics: Nine Things To Know About Responsive Design

The dominance of responsive design was established mid-2012 when Google recommended it as the best strategy for smartphone-optimized websites. However, creating great responsive experiences requires a hell of a lot more effort than just on the media front. If you think creating fancy mobile layouts is what it’s about, you’re already missing the point.

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Making Success Out of A B2B Marketing Mess

People would rather avoid accidents if they can help it. It’s the natural fear of getting hurt by the unexpected. And yet, it’s this same fear that has driven the demand for convenience and motivated innovation.

Ironically, did you know that a lot of our technological breakthroughs were completely made or discovered by accident? From the wonder that was penicillin to kid friendly Play-Doh and the revolutionary microwave. It sure says a lot when you realize how much of mankind continues to strive on things born out of these accidents.

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Lead Generation 101 – Make Something Out of Mobile

Mobile is clearly the newest tech that’s permeating our everyday lives. Smartphones and tablets give us new ways to read and browse. And with that, it also means that email remains to be a powerful marketing tool. If anything, its effectiveness has increased as a result of these changes.

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B2B Marketing Tactics for Beta Testing

Beta testing isn’t just a gaming thing. They can be applied to real life products where experimentation identifies possible errors before the actual product launch.

How do you choose your testers though? Do you need to hire professionals? Maybe so but that would likely cost you as much as your developer team. So how can you invite the right people but at a cost that’s just little lower? Try these simple steps.

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