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Outsourcing: Your Ticket To a Holiday Break from B2B Marketing

‘Tiiiis the season to be… well, you know the song. With Christmas just a few days away, everyone’s been settling down to get some quality time with the special people in their life. At least, that’s what they’re supposed to do.

The reality though is that not even the holiday spirit is a bona fide cure for workaholicism. Ironically, some of these people are pouring the extra hours just so they could get their kid an iPad. You think playing World of Warcraft can chain somebody to a screen? In America, around 57% of the population take holidays off while places like Japan or Australia have an even lower 30-40%.

It’s stats like these that can make outsourcing an ideal solution for freeing up their labor. Since the early 21st century, it’s been regarded as a cost-saving tactic and hence, why that also makes it a good way to get more time off. You can earn more by simply paying third-party companies, virtual assistants, or freelancers to do a part of your work for a lower rate. If you’re offshoring to a developing country, that rate can even give someone a better livelihood.

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