Cloud Computing: Into the Clouds We Go


There’s questions most of you heard and even asked yourself. What is cloud and where cloud we find it? Well “Cloud Computing” is everywhere just so you know.

“Cloud” is basically the internet, because this is where we will go to store, manage and process data. Rather than using your local server or personal computer. With this, you can basically access this data from an interface that generally saves all your progress, if you manage it well.

Okay let’s say your system just crashed, and the hard drive is severely damage. All of your hard work and data from that system is gone. You can’t get it back because the hard drive is damage. So it’s easier to say “Bye-Bye Data”. But if you use a cloud, even though your hard drive is severely damage, you can still access your data’s through the usage of the Cloud storage.


Well, like what I said. It helps you to store, manage and process data. Without ever having the worries of your P.C suddenly caught on fire or such cases that might damage your P.C severely. The only thing that you need to worry is finding a business that provides ERP Cloud services. But not to worries, I’ll recommend some of the companies that you might want to do business with.

Using Cloud Computing has it cons and pros and I’ll tell you what they are:


  • It’s in the internet – You can save all your work in the internet. Without the worries of your computer being hack
  • Easy to use – Every Cloud Service have a simple instruction on how you use their cloud service
  • Doesn’t take much time – You don’t have to spend a whole day looking for files that might got deleted already


  • It’s in the internet – Why is it in Cons too? Well, let’s say some hackers targeted your cloud service provider then all of your data will be spread.
  • Finding the Right Provider – Like I said, the security of the provider should be tight for your data and information to be safe from hackers

Companies who has this Cloud services is Apple, Google, Egnyte and many more.

Companies who provides ERP Cloud Service are Acumatica, Netsuite, Plex System and many more

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