Content Marketing and Common Horror Stories

What’s the first thing you think about when you hear the words ‘common horror story’? It sounds like the typical cliché or B-movie fare right?

Well, here’s another interesting take on what can be a ‘common’ horror story: The kind of horror story that takes place in a common place at a common time with unusually common characters.

Have you ever thought of how much this idea actually makes up most of your content marketing strategy?

Thrillers like Cellular, Phone Booth, and Flight Plan are all examples of seemingly ordinary situations turning into psychological nightmares. There’s no boogeyman or zombie. Just plain old fear of really bad people.

Yet hey, sometimes the problems you encounter actually involve the next worst thing. That’s what makes this good content marketing material.

Every industry has its share of work-related horror stories. You have hospitals suffering from lack of patient information. Sales reps from other companies struggle with their outdated CRM platforms. Scandals are hidden under piles of bug-ridden accounting tools.

You hear plenty of stories like that but unless they’re told, it’s hard for others to be aware of a solution. This is bad news for vendors like you who depend on the market for these answers and tools.

  • Step 1: Introduce the victim – Before sharing your story, make sure you’re permitted to share it. Ask the party in question if they would like to change any names or would they really like the world to identify them. Make sure you let everyone know just how well you understood their situation.
  • Step 2: Be wary of spins – Yes there’s room for exaggeration in content marketing. But the more serious the topic, the harder you’ll have to stick to the facts. Don’t spin them to the point you’ll start sounding like a tabloid.
  • Step 3: Respond to panic – Now it might be a bit of a stretch to think your prospects are panicking after reading the story. It’s more realistic though to respond to any inquiry that come as a result of what you’ve been publishing. After all, it’s already a good habit to get into.

A good scare doesn’t have to involve the supernatural or the grotesque. Sometimes it can just be really bad situation that is by all means possible. The most important thing though is for your prospect to understand the lessons of these stories and that they should take a stronger hand in solving their problems.

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