Coping up with the Noise in Social Media Marketing

We all know that Social Media are meant for B2C marketing, but for some reason B2B companies tried it, and things began to be pretty complicated for regular web surfers.

Every Social Media Sites are packed with personas that marketers created to get prospects’ attention (Note: Everyone of us here are prospects) which always creates a lot of Noise due to Comment and Messages that persona’s sent.

Imagine, you are trying to reach out to the world about your idea, but for some reason, your content isn’t that readable due to the fact that most of the writers in Social Media are Content Marketers. You’ve already being beaten at the early stage, what more if you’ve reached the final stage? “Wouldn’t it be awkward to post the same message as they have? Or that their writing skill is more understandable than yours?

Yesterday, I went to my Father’s workplace to see how they cope up with all the noise in Social Media. But to my surprise, they only have one content writer and this one writer made it through the Social Media Noise. Here’s how he viewed the social media Noise

Talk in colors speech bubbles social mediaSocial Media Noise is just regular Noise

“Social Media Noise is just regular noise” This is what he told me, and he further explain “There are things we writers need to think about, I always think ahead of anybody here, but that doesn’t mean I need to tell or show it to everyone here in day one. You must be able to hide some of those knowledge and wait for the right time to post it” then after that he smiled and said “But that’s just me, I know you have different views and style in writing but don’t let that noise get to you”

Knowledge can’t be rush

This is what I’ve learned, you can’t rush your knowledge in the social media. Once you do, you can’t go back to it anymore. Writers use their knowledge in writing post (Such as this) to let viewers know what they want to share. That’s why it takes a lot of proofreadings before an article will be posted.

Coping up with the Noise is one thing that Writers needs to overcome. If a writer lost all its hope because his/her voice can’t be heard, then there’s no point in becoming a writer.


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