Costs of Lead Generation are Cut Down By Skills

It’s logical to assume that the most skillful lead generators are also the least expensive. It’s a mark of their efficiency. However, what if it’s not just their skills that you can hone and harness to reduce the costs of your lead generation campaign?

Anywhere in IT, you’re expected to do more with less. You want the same with your lead generation strategies and tools. But have you ever asked yourself: Why stop here? Have you ever thought that marketing skills aren’t the only things that can cut down those costs?

Your salespeople might even have more.

Just consider the following possibilities:

  • Closing more sales with less info – The more information you expect out of a lead, the much longer it’s going to take. And the much longer it takes, the more expensive your IT leads might be. Your telemarketers might’ve been outsourced and your email designs simple yet cheap. It’d still be much cheaper if you could gain more insight on your prospects without asking more people to do the work.
  • More tracking with less noise – Tracking a prospect comes with a lot of technical problems: attribution, clutter, content management etc. And yet, it belies a fundamental necessity in today’s multi-channel marketing campaigns: the buyer’s journey. Tracking however can be more cost-effective if you’re skillful enough to use the tools you will actually need.
  • Better products, less pitching – This might surprise you, but the best marketing advice tells you less about pitching your product and more about being true to that product. A good product may do better with some marketing but no amount of marketing can save a bad product. If you want to cut even more of your marketing spend, allocate that spend on your core value proposition. Don’t just pitch it. Prove it.
  • Plenty of customers, fewer new acquisitions – This might sound counterintuitive, but it really is a better long-term strategy to focus on your customers instead of acquiring new ones. That’s an old sales adage too. You can stand to generate fewer new leads if you can make more leads out your current clients.

In all four cases, you’re required to invest in skills that aren’t necessarily pure marketing (or even sales). If you want to cut down on the costs of making leads, sometimes the best idea isn’t to switch vendors or overhaul your marketing department. Sometimes it involves being better with what you still get.

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