Dashing through With A Post-Holiday Marketing Plan

Christmas isn’t just a day when it comes to prospects taking time off. You’re looking at both the days before and after (not to mention, there’s still New Year’s in roughly a week a way). That’s why it’s not yet too late to keep spreading the cheer, even with your B2B marketing campaign. You couldn’t ask for a better time of the year to establish relationships! Everything from handing out freebies and knowing the kind to give are opportunities you can’t overlook.

For example, you can tell them about important product updates, special offers or maybe an annual webinar to sum up your year together. Customize the invites with a little more flair to add some excitement. It’s the best way to stand out amidst the regular junk that doesn’t easily catch your prospect’s attention. Here’s a step-by-step process to get you started!

  • Step 1: Do it early. Now may not be the best time but don’t forget New Year’s is just days away. You’d want your prospects to take action with your business as soon as they get back to work. It makes sense then to plan your telemarketing or email campaigns quite early.
  • Step 2: Find the right audience. Setting up targeted groups narrows down the search and sets them up for the specific content that they want to get. What do they want out of your business? Is it more of a product or a service? Do they have the budget for it? Who else needs to be informed before making the buying decision?
  • Step 3: Send the right stuff.  Want to increase website traffic?  Make sure your message is exactly the kind of content your prospects are looking for. Targeting isn’t just about knowing a prospect’s position or industry but also what needs you can fulfill. Send the right stuff to get the right response.
  • Step 4: Make it urgent. Calling prospects to action isn’t easy when everyone’s heard the same sales-pitch-y closings over and over. Try and give a sense of urgency like a limited number of appointment slots or number of free consultations.

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