Email Marketing: Mistakes you should avoid with Emails

I find it fascinating when I receive emails with mistakes on it. It’s not because I’m judging them on how they send their emails, it’s because I’m learning from them. Email marketing is one of marketing strategies that gets prospects attention. If they already open it, it means that they read it. Even though they response with a negative voice, it doesn’t matter. Why? Because they read it, and now you know your emails are being read around the world.

So here are some mistakes you should avoid.

Not responding immediately.


Failure to response to a client’s or prospect will cost you big time. Even if you’ve sent it a day ago, if you’ve received a response you must apologize and ask if they’re still interested. That why, they know you’re out of the office or off-duty while they send the response.

Prospects will take it seriously when you don’t apologize, even if they are the one who didn’t response immediately. The fact that you need them, means that you should be able to get their approval without being labeled as “Incompetent” marketer.

Answering half the question being asked

After receiving a response to one of the prospects, or possible leads. You need to get their attention to your services. Having said this, you should answer everything that is thrown to you. Even if it’s not related you must politely decline by saying “I’m sorry sir/ma’am but you’re question isn’t related to our topic on hand” or something like that.

And when you answer, you must answer them honestly and thoroughly. You mustn’t skip a single detail. Prospects are gathering information about your company and if they’re interested and is satisfied by your services. They could refer your company to their partnered company. You might never know what will happen next.

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