How Fridge Logic Moments Help B2B Marketers

This summer’s box office hits are not exempt from Fridge Logic moments. Sometimes while watching all those glorious CGI, epic brawlings and mind boggling scientific explanations, you’d only realize something was off by the time you grab a can of Mountain Dew from the fridge.

Movies though are often excused (particularly those that really just did so well in impressing their audience). What about B2B marketers though? It doesn’t look like they can afford pulling the wool over their prospects eyes. What would be the point of lead nurturing? Making rapport?

FridgeLogicAlso referred to as “popcorn logic” by moviegoers, a few examples of Fridge Logic can be found just from watching the latest Godzilla movie (warning: Spoilers Ahead). A burning train comes through a tunnel after Godzilla’s rival monsters (christened M.U.T.O in the films) attack it from the other end. And yet, they have never demonstrates any incendiary capabilities.

Fortunately, it need not be your marketing materials or email copies that prompt fridge logic moments. These moments can actually prove useful when a prospect brings up less favorable reviews or comments made about your business.

Ever had that similar moment when you realized something was wrong with that certain article while you were staring blankly at the bubbles in the watercooler? It’s a good exercise to help you review the facts and remember that a critic is always waiting in the corner to make their own publicity at your own expense.

But of course it’s not always just a funny way to turn the critics on their own heads. Avoiding any future backlash from them is also part of the equation. This comes with presenting the right message at the right time with the right people. Don’t send a message that’s too provocative or position your responses in a way that looks like a knee-jerk reaction.

One other way Fridge Logic moments help is when you’ve just finished up drafts in you’re your campaign. From your copy to your scripts, it’s another way to review the fundamentals of communication and how to continuously refine your B2B marketing strategy. The reality of these moments is a good excuse to go back to basics.

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