Generating Sales Leads Can Be Tough for Old and New Ideas

When you look at the tech industry’s drive for innovation, it’s easy to believe that the only things that will generate your sales leads these day is something new, funky, and completely out-of-the box.

That doesn’t lend the idea any more accuracy than it actually has. The truth is that no matter how old or how new your idea is, it’s not exactly enough to get people invested that they’ll give you a possible sale.

Take the idea of wearables for example. You’ve seen them pitched at consumer electronic shows. Giants like Google and Apple are pitching them as the next step after mobile technology. But what’s the reality?

Wearables remain costly, untested, and (for the most part) fashionably suspect. No matter how many possibilities you can fire off your head, it won’t be enough to really make these ideas go away permanently. (You might even say that’s where real innovation is supposed to take place.)

The same thing can happen to any other product. You think it’s new. You think it could change the way people work. Everything sounds like the best idea since the iPhone. Yet once you start making calls or attending trade shows, the awkward shortcomings start getting pointed out of the woodwork by more critical prospects.

Is there any upside to this? Well, one of them is the fact that even the ideas that seem to ‘work’ or ‘sell’ aren’t 100% immune from the tough questions. For example, cloud-based technologies are still a fairly new innovation. There’s not much regulation in the market but that may very well start to change with Google and Netflix already facing the possibility of taxation for their cloud services.

So what’s the big moral of the story?

  • Age is just scratching the surface – It just goes to show that pitching how brand new (or tried-and-true) can just be scratching the surface. A B2B sales process is one where a prospect is constantly fed a stream of helpful, relevant information that will give this type of pitch more sense in their own company strategy.
  • Durability is its own merit – Both old and new ideas have their way of reflecting how much they can stand up to scrutiny. Your own company’s new idea could’ve been born out of addressing old problems. In the same way, an old method or technology could be the unexpected solution to a new problem. What do they have in common though? They’re both still solutions.
  • Problems will always arise – This little reality doesn’t discriminate between old or new ideas. Whether it’s testing a new business model or defending a current mode of delivery, some of your customers will have something to complain about. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your best but you’re not going to win any more sales leads by pretending some problems don’t exist.

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