Do You Get More B2B Leads by Marketing the New with the New?

It sounds poetic. When you have a new, innovative (if not revolutionary) piece of technology, you’d want something new to market it. For example, the latest marketing stunt for an Audi hybrid has billboards made entirely of water vapor.

However, do similar tactics automatically translate into more B2B leads for your company? That might depend entirely how your new product actually jives with your new marketing concept.

While the technologies that brought the ad can differ from the technologies of the new Audi, there are still plenty of obvious things that tie both together. You have a car that spews out water vapor so it makes sense to have billboards made out of it. It’s virtually a no brainer.

However, the combination wouldn’t have been possible if neither the product nor the advertisement really offer anything new. It’s like saying you have a cloud-based CRM that can track a buyer’s journey through social media but social media marketing stunts are already becoming a norm.

It could be time to think outside the box.

  • Again, innovating the tactics need not be the same as innovating the product – You don’t necessarily have to innovate your marketing strategy in the exact same way you innovated your product. Rather, you focus on something more abstract like a central theme or a symbolic way to explain a new feature.
  • Have a regular back-up plan – There’s never a guarantee that your concept is going to win a lot of hearts (and B2B leads). In fact, sometimes it could just backfire and to keep tooting this sour note is only going to cost you more money. That’s why, as a back-up plan, you need a mini-exit strategy back into a regular marketing routine. It may not be as impressive but at least it still works.
  • Look to outside suggestions – In content marketing, you consult a lot of people as well as a healthy dose of data analytics for better suggestions. But you know, why stop there? Why not ask the opinions of people and how they would’ve done it better? Don’t try to cap sources of opinion too soon if that’s where you’ll hear some gems.

It’s always good to try something new, especially when you’re about to unveil something new too. However, you better make sure there’s still a connection between your marketing strategy and what it is you’re marketing.

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