Holding A Lead Generation Pipeline in the Face of Disaster

Last week, images of the exploding Antares rocket made the news as officials are now looking into any possible cause for the catastrophe.

Oh but wait, unlike other space-mission malfunctions, this one didn’t come at the cost of human lives. What a relief eh? But you know, as much you should always be glad nobody was killed, the rocket’s development still cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Much like a lead generation campaign, the negative long-term effects of a major accident can still pose a very eminent threat to the people involved.

Here’s something that might be closer to the B2B corporate context. Say you have an IT initiative but something went horribly wrong in the security area. This led to a merciless digital onslaught by hackers and now you’re getting served a major brickload that includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Payment for damages.
  • Angry/disappointed customers.
  • Uncertain recovery.

But hey, you’re still alive right? It’s just that you should know what it might take to keep it that way while holding your business afloat. The best place to start is with your lead generation strategy and your sales pipeline.

  • Step 1. Prepare cautious follow-ups – It would be very arrogant to assume many of the prospects who have set to meet with you will continue to meet with you even after learning about the big mess you made. Follow-up cautiously and brace for either cancellations or making the case for your business on all the channels you use.
  • Step 2. Best start outsourcing – It might leave a very bad taste in your mouth but outsourcing could be one of the only few options you have left if you want to start reducing costs right away. Your lead generation strategy might want to focus all its money, time, and energy managing the outsourced processes before having the luxury to manage it in-house.
  • Step 3. Customers should take center stage – Finally, whether it’s during investigations or after its results are announced, you should always emphasize your dedication to the customer. Obviously, you’ve got to show it to mean but it helps to let them know how sorry you are (just ask Richard Branson after the more devastating crash of SpaceShipTwo).

Whether it’s space travel or cyberspace security, major accidents do happen. And while they don’t all have an immediate kill count (thank heavens for that), the long-term death could still be something to prevent. Don’t despair but don’t get too overconfident either.

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