Is Your Lead Generation Strategy As Old Fashioned As Your Prospects?

At first, you’d think old-fashioned style of lead generation would get you closer to those who like doing other things the old-fashioned way too. Sadly, it could only be because attachment to nostalgia drives the decision to keep it all, instead of anything that’s really in a business’ best interest.

Here’s a more personal analogy: the old habit of watching your favorite television show on time. It used to be that kids and adults alike would enjoy getting ready to watch certain shows at a certain time of day. Kids dress up for it. Grown-ups talk about it over at the watercooler. For some, it sounds like one of those ‘good ‘ol times.’

But even as people remember those nice, old days, they forget the bad stuff that came with it. For example, they forgot the depression of missing out a single episode because they couldn’t find it on YouTube or Neftlix.

For nostalgic marketers and their equally nostalgic prospects, it’s the same. Their feelings are trumping the harsher realities of the past. Worst still however is that their persistence is blinding them to these same problems because they refuse to adapt:

  • Reality’s going to sink in, whether they like it or not – It’s like going back to watching regular T.V. programming but realizing just how frustrating it was when your favorite show’s in the same timeslot as plebian soap operas or crass variety shows. Sooner or later, the reality starts to sink in ways too painful to describe with words. Just look at some thought leaders share their own experience when they face the actual reality of business.
  • Your prospects will realize it first before you – If your impression is based on a shared fondness for what’s old-fashioned, it might be slightly worse for you once the reality of their bad decision sets in. Sure, you might meet some business prospects who seek you out in order to affirm their own biases. But when the pain of quarterly losses, dissatisfaction, and other signs of impracticality show up, they’ll eventually blame you for feeding their nostalgia instead of slapping them to their senses.
  • It also makes you just as bad – Trying to emulate what is essentially a bad habit only makes you just as bad. For example, suppose you refuse to use a heavier analytics approach to your B2B leads because your own customers don’t do that. Do you really think that puts you in any position that values perspective? It doesn’t. It’s practically one of your goals as a business to think ahead of your customers every time.

Doing things the old fashioned way can only have as much merit when it’s not just for nostalgia’s sake. Ultimately, only results will tell whether you should really make a play on a prospect’s longing for the ‘good old days’ (as well as yours).

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