IT Lead Generation Tips – Act When Events Draw More Power Players

What used to be in the realm of comic books, games and all things geek is now a new gold mine for the bosses of business and marketing. Events like this year’s San Diego Comic-Con have become information and entertainment hubs for an industry that is getting lots of big business attention.

Of course, it’s not like this hasn’t happened before. When an event reaches this particular scale, it also means that event becomes an opportunity for your own lead generation strategy.

Comic-Con started out as typical geek fest for Star Wars/Trek nuts and Marvel/DC fans. But today, it’s the hotspot for entertainment and tech giants like Hollywood, Nintendo, and Disney. Given that these are highly public companies, anything they do during such events will generate plenty of buzz among early adopters and thereby starting new trends for marketers follow up on. Still, don’t think this is an advantage exclusive to large brands that are attending any event. Even lesser known companies and organizations can attract early adopters and spark trends of their own. The number of attendees has grown sharply since the events first launch with the 2010 convention drawing in 130,000.

First of all though, there’s one thing to remember when a B2C event grows to include a B2B market. It means the attendees won’t just comprise of regular people. There can be professional influencers and vendors who make a living via the central demographic. In the case of Comic-Con, there are plenty of influencers and vendors involved when it comes to catering to the geek demographic. You have publishers and retailers that cater to the geek market.

Marvel, for example, is coming off the success of its Cinematic Unviers with The Avengers and other related films. But seeing as Disney has acquired, the company has gained a 35% stock gain for the year and has tapped Comic-Con to keep consumers excited. It’s chain reactions like that which make these events hard to ignore. Launch a product during one and see just how many different parties react.

Getting the attention of trendsetters via events is just one of the many tactics employed by both B2C and B2B marketers to supplement their digital marketing strategies. Tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram shots have become a staple occurrence every time a major event like Comic-Con is happening.

This is vital for companies seeking to build loyalty with consumers who only choose providers most relevant to their needs. It makes it all the more urgent now that smartphones and other mobile devices only expanded the things that grab for their attention. As big events involve more and more industry power players, they increase and that relevance. Keep an eye out for your chance to jump in!

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