Lead Generation 101 – Make Something Out of Mobile

Mobile is clearly the newest tech that’s permeating our everyday lives. Smartphones and tablets give us new ways to read and browse. And with that, it also means that email remains to be a powerful marketing tool. If anything, its effectiveness has increased as a result of these changes.

mobile-emails-demoThe fast growth of the mobile industry marked an important milestone. Even today, too many e-mail marketing campaigns focus on how the message is seen first on a desktop computer over how it’s seen on mobile devices.  With new data suggesting the reverse, businesses need to shift priorities if they want to appease their target markets.

In fact, they may have already spoken! Nearly half of consumers get their messages on mobile and still, desktop clicks still rate 23% mobile against mobile’s 11%.

Something is clogging the clicks on the latter’s end. In the following tips, you will find the many ways to transform an email message to suit the mobile experience:

Fast first impression

The alleged addiction to the mobile screen isn’t much when there’s a bigger distraction outside it. That’s why plenty of mobile content has been tailored to strike hard and fast. Make your subject line isn’t any longer than 50 characters. The first line of text in your message also deserves special attention. You don’t want snippets turning off readers either.

Keep it light

Some things can take a lot longer to load on mobile. Why make it worse? The tricky part here is that some end up going to the opposite extreme of just shrinking everything down. This results in smaller fonts and bland, picture-less displays. There’s a difference between being light and having zero substance. Make sure picture images are just the right size for the screen as well as the processor. Use fonts around the 12 pixel range and you should be fine.

Real brand, real business

The different aspects of your brand should be seen clearly throughout your responsive design.  Mobile is big but don’t forget that it’s just one platform. You want to show that you’re a real business presence that can be felt beyond it. Anything from the colors that you use to your business logo can make the difference between you and a spammer. It’s been said that 80 percent of readers delete unread messages based on sender and title alone. Getting recognition across platforms is only your ticket to sounding legit.

Don’t forget data

Giants like Amazon have a global-customer base (covering both B2B and B2C). Yet still, they are able to finely tailor the messages they sent. How? Simple: Data.

Don’t ignore your analytics when measuring the response rate of mobile email marketing templates. They can teach you a lot about reader preferences, what kind of segments there are, and even what changes you can implement in future campaigns.


It’s pure common sense. You want to send your messages when they’re most likely to be read. Can your message stay on top throughout one night? How about during the daily bustle of the office? If you’re targeting offshore prospects, shouldn’t you factor in timezones?

Smartphone sales continue to make headlines in many business and marketing publications. It’s no longer a prediction. Mobile is making something and you need to make something of it fast.

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