Lead Generation Campaigns Shouldn’t Be an Excuse for Core Issues

The core of your business could very well be your only competitive advantage. Yet while this little epiphany is making rounds among the guru blogs and thought leader circles, it’s another one of those that’s not easy in practice.

The problem can be especially serious when you use your lead generation strategy to cover up core issues. Forget obscure marketing and hype. That’s just one way a lead generation campaign can distract you from what matters.

Time and resources

How much time do you spend marketing your product and calling up potential prospects? Compare that to the time you spend actually working on that product. Is there are an imbalance? Well then, you can already see a problem coming.

This might be hard to swallow but not every company is full of marketing genius. (At least, they don’t reach that stage overnight.) On the other hand, you’re entitled to believe that your products can compensate for your incapacity to find potential customers. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t outsource or at least consult an expert before trying a process your company has not invested enough resources for.

Redirecting blame

Looks like the iCloud isn’t alone anymore. Photo messaging app Snapchat just had its own Fappening yet it still manages to worm out by saying its users were the ones responsible. And no matter how it can manage stave off blame, the effect’s going to be the same. User satisfaction has dropped and many are calling the company to put more oomph behind their warnings.

How often do your lead generation tactics focus on shifting blame instead of actually explaining the way you deal with issues?

Excess customer acquisition

And of course, one can’t forget the classic case of impressing first-time customers but the neglecting them after the sale. Not only does this violate the classic Pareto Principle (80-20 remember?), it also makes sustainability rather difficult. You’re so pressed on generating new clients using flashy lead generation strategies that they’re starting to substitute for low product value. It doesn’t take a Bill Gates to know how far downhill that’s going to go.

There are many strategies for lead generation, whether it’s creating your own campaign, constructing the message, or how it generates new clients. But regardless of which, it shouldn’t be for the sake of ignoring core issues.

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