Lead Generation Tips – Applying Apps

Thousands of apps are made each day as app-building kits are made available through open-source software. B2B marketers are just among the many looking to integrate the technology in the hopes of generating more leads and sales.

However, are entirely separate entities from the landing pages and websites often used in IT marketing. They enable more interactions with prospects that can help build trust in your company. But if the integration fails, this disconnection will not only conflict with your lead generation strategy. It’ll make it harder prospects to move forward in your funnel and limit the options your lead generators have in contacting them.

appsHere are app-building tips that will ease up the tension between your developers and your marketers:

  • Stay focused on ease – Apps wouldn’t feature much on smartphones if they were tough to use. They mesh with the portable nature of mobile devices. Remember, you’re talking about a small handheld device with limited breathing space (with business users having an even more limited attention span). Make it easy to load and navigate. Keep the screen from looking too cramped or too barren. Make sure you present options for all sorts of engagement in a fluid interface.
  • Observe, Adapt, Evolve – Apps are like living beings. After launch, marketers need to work on what’s hot and not for the users. What functions do they prefer? Where and when do they use it? How long? User feedback not only helps you improve your app, it opens opportunities for users to get in touch (and thus completely keeping your lead generators in the loop).
  • Brand it. Now. – There are thousands of apps with all the same functions (and the same marketing agenda). Branding your app improves your chance of being remembered. Don’t neglect marketing design when giving your app a name and an icon.

Like any part of the IT lead generation process, you should always put the user first. The app as a product is obviously important (especially if you intend it to demonstrate something about your company). Don’t focus on it though without considering its purpose in your overall marketing strategy and forget why the app needed to draw in users in the first place!

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