Lead Generation Tips – Penalties VS Pitches

When you think lead generation, you immediately think sales pitches. That’s not to say this is accurate. (It’s obviously a bad idea to get all pitch-ey on just first contact.) Many a marketer thinks that there ought to be an alternative to this overused, overdone, and overly clichéd approach to attracting sales prospects.

Among the many out there however, it’s not advisable to consider the penalty. At first, it sounds obviously. The word has so many negative connotations. Why would you threaten penalties against refusals to buy? There shouldn’t be any elaboration necessary!

In reality however, there is. Sometimes businesses opt for penalties without even realize that this the tactic they’re going for instead of the slick yet otherwise harmless sales pitch.

Why does this difference matter?

As already stated, it’s so that you can get a better idea between what makes penalties different. But more than that, it’s also good to understand their own way of creating demand. It’s what really sums up what separates penalties from other tricks that B2B marketers could use.

So what is the difference?

Penalties are like natural predators. You just let them loose and they take care of keeping every other population in check. However, they’re really best left as they are: Natural.

Here’s a real world example: Medicare pay cuts. About a month ago, these were announced to all doctors who still persist in using paper records instead of transitioning to electronic health records.

From this example, you can break the difference down into two things:

  • Weight – Pitches are meant to persuade. It’s more threatening when you use the term ‘pay cut.’ News of Medicare and Medicaid’s actions could potentially drive demand but that demand is due to increased pressure from government.
  • Enforcers – Speaking of which, you are not the government nor are you Medicare. At best, you could just be an industry leader and a reputable vendor. That doesn’t mean you should immediately bring up issues like the aforementioned pay cuts. You’re not the one enforcing them. Plain and simple.

Well should we still try to motive prospects?

One other thing that marketers could ignore about penalties is that they’re not perfect for creating demand. Rather, they just egg it along with a really large stick. It’s not the most positive reinforcement, let alone you riding along with it.

So yes, you should still do your best to motivate prospects regardless of whether or not customers will suffer penalties for purchasing your products. After all, your competitors are right there with you so

it’s not like they’re short on alternatives. Don’t risk that chance and stop looking at penalties as a quick alternative to the sales pitch.

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