IT Lead Generation Tips – People Are Closer to Books than Manuals

You finally got those much needed appointments from your lead generators and your ideal prospect is now sitting at that coffee shop waiting for you. But despite all your data, you’ll still be meeting with a complete stranger with little to no clue as to who they are personality-wise.

Most sales reps just stick to reading them like manuals. But in all honesty, sometimes the thinking is too much. Your brain starts to hurt after a while. So instead of reading them like a manual, why note read them like a good book?

After all, you will be tapping into their deepest needs, wants, problems, hopes and fears and all the while trying to present the right product or service for their current situation. It’s only logical that your prospects see you as someone they can trust to get through things.

Making the Connection

Without a doubt, B2B marketing and lead generation are all about bonding with your prospects and opening the lines of communication. Although not the same as sales, their efforts must always work together if they want each other to succeed.

Rather than a quick and immediate sales pitch, use prospect education to bring your business into their awareness, gets them interested, and more involved. Providing information for free is one way to start. You can post on your blog, website, Facebook page etc. Get them to connect with you and start building a relationship. It’s only after building trust that you try a hand at selling.

Knowing Why They Buy

Everyone has a good reason to buy something. Given the chance, they’ll pay anything to make work life easier and more successful. (On a side note, it’s why impulse buying makes up a significant percentage of discretionary spending).

You can’t kick out emotions in any buying decision, B2B or B2C. There will always be a need for security or a certain level of certainty when running a business. In some cases, it’s because of fear and in others it’s economic pressure. Even marketers acquire new technologies or adopt new tactics simply because it’s the latest trend. This doesn’t exactly lead to the best decisions all the time but that’s why you’re there to help them handle the unexpected.

Getting Direct

Sometimes the best way to know about someone is to ask them directly. Don’t just count on a survey because they don’t always give honest answers. Make sure the individuals you select are representative of your target market. Take your time talking (whether it’s over phone or face-to-face) Stay casual when answering a few questions about your business.

Like characters in a book, prospects have pains and hopes and it just so happens you’re the one offering the best possible solution for them. You will be amazed by how effective your marketing will become and how well your products and services will sell, once you stop reading them like a manual.

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