IT Lead Generation Tips – Sucking Your Prospects Inside the System

What do Tron and Jumanji have in common? The answer is just a teensy bit obvious: They both involve getting sucked inside something and that something takes on a whole new level of ‘real.’ Whether it’s personified computer programs or animals coming out of a board game, both films play with the idea of bringing a system to life.

Believe it or not but your IT lead generation strategy can accomplish the same thing. More than that, it can help you educate prospects in ways they understand best.

Here’s a quick look on what bringing a system to life can do to demonstrate how actual technology works:

  • It puts things in a form that’s easier to understand – In Tron, an I/O tower represents the link between programs and human users. Even now, it’s a pretty simple way to represent how I/O works in actual PCs. One of Hubspot’s recent guides on infographics says that the key is often to focus on a particular point. You have to visualize the information and that in turn, gives it a form that your prospects can easily associate with.
  • Quick! Somebody roll a five or eight!

    Quick! Somebody roll a five or eight!

    It adds a really big ‘oomph’ –The board game in Jumanji looks pretty dull by itself. Other than the workmanship, the emerald at the center, and the funny way it folds up, it’s really just a plain old board. It’s magical (if not perilous) ability to bring real jungle animals to life (or inversely, suck players into a real jungle world) is what gives it a whole new meaning. Likewise, the visual elements of your lead generation campaign need to really bring your own products to life. Help prospects see the picture you’re trying to paint for them and make sure this picture touches deep on their tech needs.

  • It provides a way out – Finally, you’d never want to get stuck forever inside a computer or inside a board game. That’s why these movies offer a way out for the characters. The point of bringing all these elements to life is to highlight a problem to which you’re offering a solution. By giving a form to ills like viruses, firewall breaches, and other similar problems, you indirectly give form to the things that can stop them.

You don’t have to be a kid to get sucked into a game. Neither does it even have to be a game at all. There are times when the best way to teach B2B prospects about your product is to suck them inside it.

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