Lead Generation Tips – Your Target Market Determines Your ‘Age’

Much like people, brands are sometimes praised for being all hip and new or discarded for being obsolete and outdated.

However, how much of it has really anything to do with the actual age of your business? Your B2B lead generation strategy could actually discover the real deciding factor of how ‘old’ your brand looks.

Look at Old Spice. Most people from the millennial generation would think it’s one of those historical, viral marketing sensations. But despite how zany and exaggerated the ads are, the brand itself has a surprisingly long history.

The same can be said (or even more so) for companies in the B2B market. It doesn’t necessarily matter how long you’ve been in the business. What matters is how much you often resonate with the current generation of B2B customers.

Whether your product’s as complex as IBM’s Watson or simple as office supplies for schoolteachers, there are more substantial factors that determine your age in your target market.

  • Current generation’s pain points. – What are the most present problems that your target customers are commonly experiencing? Much like Old Spice’s own targeting, you need to focus on what issues your prospect’s care about right now. This means constant research, awareness, and the flexibility to change assumptions.
  • Engagement channels – What channels do your prospects often frequent? Are they more likely to pay attention when you send them an email or flash your brand in one of their favorite social networking platforms? Coupled with relevance, targeting is what defines the channel that will connect you to most prospects.
  • Leads-After-Marketing – And lastly, know how to properly measure your results against your marketing efforts. Avoid giving credit where it’s not due but don’t take out anything that’s not broken either. You never really know how your leads might turn out but it’s always best to pay attention.

Your company could be as old as someone’s great granddaddy but with a clever lead generation strategy, it’ll be a lot harder to tell. When you focus on the most relevant pain points, engage in the most active channels, and can see it all working out, you can be just like Old Spice: a modern sensation from a really ancient brand.

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