IT Lead Generation Tips – Teach The Origin of Jargon

As our technology advances, a culture is born soon after. Mankind just has this habit of nicknaming events, objects or people in ways that suit the era. Each generation has its own slang with its own unique history and usage.

But today, it’s the basics of understanding slang that can help the most illiterate users to grasp the jargon of today’s tech industry.

All the terms well known in tech originate from a number of technological breakthroughs. It helps when a certain situation or event is only best described by the people directly involved with it.

And while many decry jargon as ridiculous and irresponsible, understanding how it came about lets it stick harder on the minds of prospects:

  • evaluator_jargon_evalblogThe technology ­- It all starts with the origin of many technologies. There are a number of words that connect terms with each other like the parts of a PC. And like different parts, their relationships determine they came into by popular use.
  • The event – Another primal influence. The reasons why events are part of the naming process are numerous but they can be usually summed up into one thing. Take for example how ‘dogfooding’ was a term developed by generations of Microsoft employees who wanted to figure out ways to test their own products better.
  • The culture – Jargon is also shaped by the culture of the most influential community that uses the technology. A product could’ve been made in America but ends up a hit in Japan. The influence of origins might still mix in with the influence of critics and customers who are, in their own way, drivers of technology.
  • The content – Blogs. Articles. Forums. Chat rooms.  Anything that frequently talks about a subject can spread associated terms virally until you’re really not the only one who ‘gets it’. Memes, tropes or other slang have been known to originate from one thing but then spread to another to the point that you can’t even find the origin anymore.

Most jargon is only suitable under a certain context but it can easily start to trend. That’s why don’t be too quick to cringe or fear using them 100% of the time. Much of it was developed over the years from the diverging cultures of the web. Helping prospects cope with the ever-shifting times and opening their eyes and ears is one way to help them understand.

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