Lead Generation Tips – Winning with Awesomeness

B2B lead generation requires serious business proceedings and constitutes to the welfare of the global community.

Granted, it’s hard to imagine any case during those proceedings where arguments are invalid simply because another party asserts it so. That may work for those who watch Transformers 4 because of the Dinobots but can something like this happen even in the context of B2B?

Answer: Yes. Yes, it can.

For a lot of geeks, just the Dinobots alone would render any serious argument about Transformers 4 straight out the window. Who doesn’t love giant transforming dinosaurs?

Jokes aside, this is actually a fine case of psychological/emotional impact trumping anything else on your prospect’s minds (including logic and facts).

The very meme of “Your argument is invalid” is normally used to counter completely sound reasoning through sheer force of exaggeration, flashiness, and hard gumption. Call it unprofessional. Call it troll logic. But the fact it, it does happen in some cases.

No matter how astoundingly logical and professional your point can be, some ideas can be just so bold and so grand that a customer just has to try it. For example, the idea of completely digitizing your work-force, no physical office needed (ideally). Ever heard this before? Yes. Have people been sold on it? Also yes.

Why is this?

Contrary to popular opinion, this doesn’t mean people are stupid enough to fall for anything that sends their hearts aflutter. It actually the means the folks marketing to them know where their heartstrings are and they’re tugging it. They know they’ll love a particular idea. And more than that, they share the same passion for it.

Think about it. When you choose something you really like, wouldn’t it be hard for anyone to tell you to reconsider? You’d think hard facts and hard results are the best representatives in a successful lead generation campaign but that’s not entirely true. There are times when it’s about cutting down on the actual use of logic, not making them think more and stress more. Giving them something emotionally exciting can defuse the headaches that normally come with big buying decisions.

Remember that people still could use a bit of that excitement in their lives, even within the confines of work. Spice up your campaigns on occasion and don’t stick too closely by the book. Sometimes, when all else fails, you’re better off using a bit of awesome to render the opposition’s argument invalid.

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