IT Lead Generation Tips – To Be or Not Be Zordon

Telling kids to not try stunts at home is a good way to keep them safe from the all-powerful influence of 90s television.

Then again, you could also say that the decision-making of Zordon from Power Rangers is just as much an unbelievable stunt as Master Splinter entrusting the protection of New York to teenage, anthropomorphic turtles. Can you wind up playing out the same trope with your IT lead generation campaign? Yes.

The real question though is: Is that a good or bad idea?

As IT vendors, Zordon’s historical decision to thrust high-grade weapons technology into the hands of ‘teenagers with attitude‘ is more likely every CIO’s worst nightmare. Who in their right minds would hand over all that tech to a bunch of kids?

Unfortunately, that’s actually the case when it comes to today’s technology catering to the demands of a mobile workforce. With issues like BYOD, the security of mobile devices, home-based computers, and the stability of the cloud, all the problems often tied with a mobile work force can be represented in the alien energy being that is Zordon. Ayiyiyiyi.

It doesn’t really help when the mobile worker now carries around three devices (at minimum). But while you’re tempted to not play Zordon, ignoring the demands of mobile workers is akin to having no Power Rangers to battle Rita Repulsa. How can you make sure your lead generation strategy winds up selecting someone who’s at least finished high school?

  • Step 1: Policy first – The first response to possible abuse is to set up policy. As you’re well aware, these are the corporate version of house rules. And obviously, the Power Rangers had them or else Zordon would’ve been crazier than he already was. So as you engage prospects, let them know that policy is just as much a concern for you before there’s any buying.
  • Step 2: Show how to keep tabs – A policy needs to be enforced so the next order of business is to figure out how to keep tabs on users. A prospect needs their attention immediately drawn to this so that they’ll have safety measure. For example, use productivity metrics to see if your mobile workers are, in fact, working (and not watching Netflix).
  • Step 3: Organizational buy-in – It’s a magic buzzword but it definitely has power. Generating IT leads isn’t just about winning over your first point of contact. Technology that’s mean to be used from top to bottom is going to require the whole organization to buy-in (from its own IT department to the home-based employee).

Fortunately, other generations of Power Rangers aren’t all full of teens. Maybe Zordon wasn’t all that crazy and maybe there’s plenty of hope that your lead generation strategy can identify the right users.

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