Should IT Leads Be Disqualified Based on Personal Experience?

Claiming personal experience is sort of a gamble in B2B marketing. When your sales reps justify their rejection of IT leads with so-called ‘personal experience,’ only one of two things follow.

It’s either a.) they’re bluffing. Or b.) they’re closer to a customer’s own experiences with your products and services.

The main challenge is actually proving the experience of your sales reps. You might think that this was supposed to be recruitment’s job. But in reality? It’s not like you recruiters really care to know the finer points differentiating your IT leads. When you have several buyer personas and arguably more unique customer situations,  knowing which specific type by which sales reps can be a little complicated.

Here are some ways you can simplify it:

  • Check the data – Be careful when you’re doing this. Granted, much of today’s information technology continues to develop in order to better analyze a cross-channel market. It won’t always tell you everything though. There’s a missing half and it’s found in your sales reps personal experience with particular prospects.
  • Check for inconsistencies – When the data says one thing and your sales reps says another, there is inconsistency. That much is obvious but it might not be so when it comes to tracing the source of that inconsistency. Maybe your system is using the wrong metrics or maybe your sales rep has an incompatible approach despite how your data qualifyhing the prospect as a good lead.
  • Listen to their story – Sometimes hearing it straight from the reps themselves will tell you a lot more than passively crunching data from your prospect’s online activities. It’s like how some superstars actively enjoy the products they’re endorsing. They’ve been interacting with customers for so many years. They’ve also been a customers themselves for just as long. They know the ‘real’ reason why a product is bought and thus, their personal insight is valuable.
  • Fact checking outside the box – Don’t stick to your usual method of checking the facts when evaluating your rep’s personal experiences. Waving the data in their faces is just to going cause the same old tension between marketing and sales. Rather, find mor out-of-the-box ways of testing their experience. Go with them when they meet another appointment. Get to know the connections they’ve made. Ask clients who’ve engaged this particular rep. Check your facts in ways that are outside the box.

You might have already been told to have a very human approach to B2B marketing. But you know, it’s also a good idea to extend this approach when dealing with your own sales reps. Like your own customers, they know what they want better than any computer. Computer alone is just going to give you clues to their personal experience.

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