IT Leads Found in Daydreams? 4 Reasons Why.

Daydreaming is typically associated with lack of productivity, poor performance, and poor job satisfaction. Although, that seems to be more from an HR perspective. Ever thought of seeing daydreams from a customer’s perspective? You might be surprised.

The content could describe your next set of IT leads.

Here’s a more specific question. Ever had a daydream that’d make a great sci-fi movie? That’s often the case when you read up the latest on science and technology. You don’t have to be a total nerd to have the tendency either.

And as far as technology goes, this tendency can actually give you a closer look into the minds of your prospects. First things first though, here’s a review on why this is such a big step:

  • #1. You know what appeals to them – It’s the bigger, corporate version of meeting someone who likes the same things and being fast friends with them. When you have a rough idea on what you customers often dream about, then it’s a logical clue on what they’re wishing for.
  • #2. You understand the obstacles (if not, more) – You have to wonder why they’re just dreaming and not acting upon what they’d like in their work experience. Then again, isn’t this where you come in? Aren’t you supposed doing something about what’s in the way?
  • #3. You know they don’t like disappointment – Following #2, you also understand why they’d react with skepticism. You sound too good to be true, of course they won’t instantly trust you. That’s why you need to follow up on your IT leads. It’s part of convincing them .
  • #4. You know they want a ‘real’ picture – For them, there’s a dream and then there’s the reality. As a marketer, it’s your job to visualize both as one. Your content is tailored in order to give them that vision because that’s best way to sell them on your solution.

You’d be surprised how B2B clients can think not that much differently from average consumers. In an article for retail investors, Stacy Berns (an industry expert) talks about how retailers’ only chance for survival is more attention to the shopping experience.

Is this really any different from the IT buying process? Adding additional steps and tech complications doesn’t make it so (in fact, it’s more likely going to choke it unless marketers step in to clear up all the clutter and jargon). The next time you day dream, think about what your prospects are dreaming up. It might get you closer to understanding their needs.

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