IT Leads Are Like Holidays, There’s Never A Real Shortage

Wish summer lasted longer? You’re not alone. On the bright side, there’s never a real shortage of holidays. The same goes for your IT leads. Just because you have a hard time generating them during some time of the year, doesn’t make it completely hopeless.

Ask yourself: You already had summer. Most likely, prospects either left on vacation or turn their focus on summer-themed marketing campaigns.  But in the months following September, you still have the prospect of Back-to-School/Work season, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course, Christmas (which is another holiday break in of itself).

All of these serve as great marketing and sales opportunities in spite of your post-vacation blues. You just need a second look to know where these opportunities are:

  • It’s really outside the box – You can get tired of hearing this but’s it’s still true. You should always think outside the box. What is it in your marketing message that you haven’t tried before? Have you ever considered your approach as too professional? Too typical? Too boring? You’d be surprised how much a real problem that is in B2B marketing. So if you already know that, why aren’t you trying something different?
  • You could stand to be a little funny – Look at the B2B ads for Adobe. It pokes fun at marketing departments while at the same time highlighting the problems they really struggle with. Instead of turning your blog into a stockpile of tech manuals, do something funny or holiday-related (e.g. How Santa Clause digitizes his Naughty or Nice list).
  • If all else fails, stock up  – Lastly, if you can’t really make such drastic changes, you can always just stock up on your leads and place them out in a way that will ensure long-term sales. This is good if the upcoming quarter is notorious among your salespeople for having a lower average of sales results.

Think of your business as the local grocery store. All year round, a good store always has something for any occasion. It can be ice cream during the summer and whole turkeys during autumn. The stuff you sell may not always be the same, but you’ll always have food in stock. There’s plenty of ways you can generate IT leads (or at least have enough to last you during the down times). You just need to know how they’ll come and keep looking forward.

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