IT Leads – The Painful Price of Neglecting Core Process

For those that hesitate to outsource, it’s common to believe that a company will eventually reach a point where it can hire, set up, and train all of its lead generation resources. Why place the burden on offshore call centers or deny yourself a bigger work force?

There is one big reason: Nothing is worth the price of losing your IT leads.

The latest Apple scandal involved the leakage of celebrity nude photos that were allegedly taken from iCloud. Jennifer Lawrence was just one among roughly a hundred celebrities caught up.

The giants of the tech industry are something to be reckoned with. That doesn’t mean they’re infallible and immune to simple mistakes like ignoring their core process.

You want an example? Look at Apple in the wake of celebrity nude scandal that implicated the company’s iCloud service. Not only did revive the debate around online privacy, it’s also brought back to light a nagging issue for all companies offering cloud-based technologies. One Forbes contributor even implied that cloud services are inherently the richest targets for hackers:

“As I have stated many times, cloud providers suffer from an inherent problem: they make good targets. Hackers know how to reach the various cloud services, know that celebrities and businesses have valuable files on many of the providers’ systems and know that a single breach can potentially lead to a treasure trove of material from numerous parties. Breaching a cloud file-storage provider can be the hacking equivalent of hitting the jackpot.”

Imagine this all happening in light of your own lead generation campaign. You want people to trust in your cloud. Your sales reps are demanding more and more IT leads into their funnel. Customer trust is at its most delicate. Breaches like this are the last thing you need right? You can’t possibly afford to ignore such looming threats to the crown jewel of your IT company.

And thus, that’s why you need all eyes on the core.

This is what happens when you ignore core processes. It’s so simple and so obvious. Why then would you risk investing in something that lies outside it when the risks put too much at stake?

So the next time you think twice about outsourcing, remember:

  • You need all eyes on the core: Again, you need all your resources developing and securing your technology. This is the technology that’s going to benefit your users but at the same time harm them should hackers corrupt the entire system. Are you really willing to take that risk?
  • You don’t want to get dog-piled: The recent scandal paved away for a phishing scam that targeted iCloud users. Getting dog-piled like this sounds painful for Apple but it’s to be expected. When you fail your core, you fail your customers. When you fail your customers, your competitors won’t fail to chase after them.
  • You can’t afford to lose IT leads – Without leads, you can’t have sales. Without sales, you can’t have the necessary revenue to get back up. All of this simply because you tried to do everything at once instead of focusing your company on what it’s good at.

The slightest oversight in your core products in services is arguably even more costly than any marketing mistake. At worst, poor lead generation gets fewer customers in the door. Poor products make sure those customers don’t come back ever!

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