IT Marketing Tips – Provide Service Before Pitching

With improving communications, our biggest tech problems can be solved with a few clicks or a single call. But given that businesses always want to have more offers, relevant products tend to be advertised during these situations. It’s to make sure that customers are not left wanting for more options.

Take, for instance, when you’re filing complaints or troubleshooting with call center agents. Ideally, they’re supposed to immediately forward you to someone who can properly address your problem. But while they’re at it, they end up pitching some products (even though not everyone has the patience for that type of treatment).

“Also, sir, have you heard about our Premium Plus full-service call package?”

Every business needs to recognize its strengths and know the appropriate times to market something. This is defined by the tools you use and the content you use them with. For example, email subscribers are more likely to sign up for numerous events than general readers. Why? Because they’re a little bit closer to your business than, say, people who just started using your products or are working out the kinks.

Here’s a list of what defines customers like that. That way you have some standards to measure when you think it’s good to pitch this person after helping them with something:

What do they want?

Your clients turn to you when they face a challenge. No argument there. It’s the responsibility of any IT organization to come in and sort out existing problems with other peoples systems or solve problems that others can’t comprehend.

That’s exactly why, before you even think of advertising something, you really do need to prove yourself. Make sure that whoever is in charge of fixing their problem really does a good job. It gives them more reason to consider that more products from you are very reliable.

What should you propose?

Again, fixing system issues is part of your job as an entire tech organization. Such problems have to be fixed first and foremost because they can impact a business on a daily basis.

So in the heat of things, don’t be quick to suggest getting paid more as the only solution. That’s more likely to tempt prospects into considering a competitor who can fix their problems at a lower price. The first solutions you should propose are not the ones that are to be sold.

What should be done?

Most problems should be solved within a week of engaging. An investigation that takes that long should at least uncover a few faults in any tech set up.

On the marketing end though, your main concern is actually the billing.

Other than the obvious reasons of not giving them a heart attack, it should also be the shared responsibility of sales and marketers to help customers justify their costs to their own businesses. It’s better still if they don’t find it too much on their part. It gives you insight on their own budget and opens the possibility of them spending more.

Positioning IT marketing in the midst of handling product issues isn’t exactly the youngest trick in the book. That’s why it gets riskier as customers can tell the pitches are coming. Maintain focus on providing the service first before delivering a suggestion.

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