IT Marketing Tips – Spider-shooters are Design Role Models

Technology can be a lot more prevalent than it lets on. Consider it another hallmark of how far it’s advanced. It’s kind of like Spider-man’s web shooters. Out of all his powers, his webs are the only things that haven’t always been an actual part of his mutation (instead, they’re produced by signature web-shooters he developed himself).

While Peter Parker’s gadget is still a little beyond current tech, tech itself is just as often taken for granted. Then again, maybe there’s some good in that. Sometimes it’s better to market tech as something that can work so naturally in the background that people don’t notice it’s there.

Spider-man, for example, developed the web shooters so that they’ll just look like another extension of his already natural spider powers.

Such an idea echoes the ancient role of technology in supplementing our natural abilities. Speaking, which is naturally performed with our vocal cords, is supplemented with the use of phones. Books support our brain’s capacity to store memories, the natural means of retaining information. You can say the same for any task that you can (and at times, should) improve with information technology. That doesn’t mean the support it gives should be out in the open for everyone to see. Here are a few examples of what happens when tech is less than subtle in marketing its capabilities:

  • Big data – Lately most corporations have been following the big data trend but how many consumers are in fact aware of the technology they’re now using to learn more about them? Perhaps they could’ve exercised a little more caution on the PR side to avoid the backlash from privacy advocates.
  • Gadgetry – While CES 2014 really displayed some innovative game-changers (from fitness wearables to the Pebble Steel smartwatch), some of the products made for a nice list of design fails. What do they have in common? Trying too hard to be ‘tech’ instead of actually functioning like technology.

If you haven’t noticed, making your product look less artificial and clunky has become the norm for tech companies. That’s not just something for your designers and engineers to worry about. It should be a topic of concern when planning your IT marketing campaign If anything, Spider-man’s shooters are a role-model for that kind of design. Don’t just use them to understand what your business users want on the technical side of things. Hear their insights on lifestyle, social contexts, and other non-tech areas that your product has to blend with.

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