Modern Appointment Setting – The Old Art of Leaving Your Number

Despite the trappings of the internet, big data analytics, and sophisticated targeting, much of today’s appointment setting M.O. remains the same. One particular aspect of it is giving prospects the idea (and the freedom) to contact you whenever they want. Whether it’s on a brochure or on your website, the tactic of leaving your contact details lying around has been used even before professionals started to use the first calling card. To understand this is to understand a core element to successful appointment setting.

And make no mistake, this isn’t just used in inbound marketing. Active, outbound marketing also makes a point to make sure your leave a lot of doors open for which your prospects can walk through. In fact, when you see the essence of this strategy, it doesn’t really matter what you’d call it. So long as you’re hoping for a follow-up, you’ll need to leave some contact details behind.

However, there are challenges to this tactic that may have increased in difficulty over the recent years. Perhaps it’s here that a little bit of innovation is best needed.

  • More customers are constantly connected – Today’s B2B customers are always connected in order to stay up to date with the latest business solutions. This means if you’ve already left your details lying around once, they’re not taking a second glance until you do something else.
  • Experience drives the follow-up – One can argue that there’s also a stronger emphasis on customer experience driving the buyer decision. As your marketers and sales reps go back and forth with prospects, you increase their chances of the latter taking more steps to a sale.
  • Targeting helps identify best places to leave trails – And of course, you can’t ignore the importance of targeting. Then again, this has always been part of the tactic. You want your details seen in places and in situations where prospects are most likely to send you a message.

So whether you’re an active event marketer, always ready with a card and a form or an online thought leader, quietly assessing web traffic, you are hoping for prospects to respond and give you call.

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