Outsourced Lead Generation and Limited Facilities

Outsourcing a process is often too oversimplified into an issue of big companies in developed nations exploiting the labor supply in companies found in the Third World. Not only is that misconception based on the worst of stereotypes (among which include South/Southeast Asian call center agents and Chinese sweatshops), it’s also a gross misrepresentation of real supply-demand problems regarding processes.

Here how it’s particularly problematic when you’re outsourcing lead generation.

It’s like people treat these offshore companies on the same level as medical facilities in places where the Ebola outbreak’s been happening. And while it’s true, there is a huge gap between the medical resources of developed nations and those at the heart of that outbreak, you can hardly use that to assume it’s the same for lead generation facilities (in non-Ebola-ridden countries no less).

Setting that aside though, it does raise a much more important question: How do you know the if lead generation resources are more limited in your immediate area compared to offshore vendors?

Just because Africa’s short on medical resources doesn’t mean they should metaphorically represent a devastating lack of other basic resources in other countries. Romania is looking to be a popular hub for IT outsourcing. So if you outsource to Romania, are you immediately going to assume they’re low on resources simply on the grounds that you’ll have to offshore? Of course not!

Here’s how you can really test the waters:

  • Research on an appropriate sample size – You need to set a certain amount of vendors to research that won’t consume too much time to investigate while at the same time, give you an adequate impression of what lead generation resources are like in that part of the world.
  • Pick at least two offshore regions, not one – As evidenced above, plenty countries are openly competing in the BPO market. India, Brazil, Philippines, and China aren’t the only contenders out there. It would be unfair to compare yourself to just one part of the world when companies in another region would do a process better than both you and your previous candidate.
  • Understand the price of the process – And finally, you should know by now that low cost isn’t always synonymous with cost-efficiency. This is what should decide the comparison between local providers and offshore vendors. Don’t just compare the prices but school yourself (even just a little bit) on what defines a cost effective lead generation campaign.

No country wants to be equated to a backwater poor man’s land (not even the African countries suffering from Ebola). Go beyond stereotypical presumptions and actually do some research before declaring where lead generation facilities are really limited.

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