What Outsourced Lead Generation Looks Like in 2014

IT lead generation has gone a long way from long sales presentations and heavy white papers.  Back then, it was good enough to have a lot of technical text for your content. These days though? Mediums like video and social media marketing are on the rise.

This should be your concern even if you are outsourcing your B2B marketing campaigns. Trends like the above form the industry standard. And as a customer of that industry, it can even be said that you have a duty to uphold vendors to it.

Last year was a big boom for social media marketing with 93% of marketers integrating sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Instagram. Realistically speaking, expecting all of this out of a single outsourced lead generation company may be a tall order. That doesn’t mean you don’t give credit to those who try to keep up. Evaluate your outsourced lead generation campaign to see if they’ve applied the following:

  • Be picky with bandwagons. It’s not enough to just to create a social media page and call it social media marketing. The same goes for putting up a video on a YouTube channel that has nothing else on it. While there’s a lot of change going on in the B2B marketing industry, don’t just outsource a company without its own believable strategy.
  • More metrics, less money. Back then, a hundred ‘Likes’ on a any social media platform was enough to get an audience. In the same way a hundred stuffed keywords got you a good rank. No longer is that the case so don’t be afraid to challenge lead generation companies to prove the value of every metric they’re offering for your own campaign.
  • Think like a media company. Today, media is migrating to digital and it’s taking all marketers with it (no, being B2B hardly makes you the exception). Even if you still require the B2B basics of telemarketing and email, you’ll need the additional support of thought leadership and social influence to really stay in the game.

Again, this is the new industry standard. Then again, some of this might actually sound like fun to do and you can always leave the usual (such as lead qualification, follow-ups, and appointment setting) to an outsourced company. Either case, at least make sure you are aware that the marketing trends of 2014 are your concern (outsourcing or not).

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