Outsourced Lead Generation Tips – Sales Reps and Prestige Classes

People who are into role-playing fantasy aren’t strangers to the prestige class trope. Yet oddly enough, they don’t immediately recognize its real-world counterpart: Getting promoted. For sales reps, that’s a word they can understand. On the other hand, some may not understand the difficulties that come with it because they’re too enamored by the managerial perks.

Here’s where the analogy goes full circle. The prestige class found in gaming can teach sales rep a lot about how practices like outsourced lead generation serve as a key to surviving in the new role (not just gaining it).

Upskilling = Gaining Levels

Seeing the parallel between upskilling and leveling up is a no brainer. The challenge is to go beyond the game and to understand what constitutes as gaining a level. Career goals are usually the first point of reference. They will tell you what you need to accomplish (much like how having an end build helps players decide the kind of specialization they want their characters to have). So if your goal is to go from, say, salesman to sales manager, you’ll need to consider the kind of skills the position needs even before you get it. For instance, learning to relegate tasks and oversee team lead generation activities can be useful (whether or not that team is outsourced).

Don’t stick to Basic Requirements

It’s common for prestige classes to come with requirements. However, these aren’t necessarily the best guides. Sticking too much to what got you promoted is no way to progress. Don’t be afraid to invest more in a particular skill if you think it can serve you better. Same goes for when you think it’s no longer necessary.

The point is to maintain focus on your career goals. Micro-managing your lead generators may have worked if you still directly received the leads. On the other hand, it may not help anymore when those sales leads are being distributed amongst your team. You might sooner need to trust in their own feedback than spend too much time on them yourself.

Know what you’re wasting

You know you’re not doing a good job when you realize just how much is being wasted. (A failed sales manager alone allegedly wastes $4 million worth of company finances.) During times when you can’t measure yourself, looking at what’s wasted can be your default indicator. Signs of waste are already clear when it comes to outsourced lead generation, so you’re not doing anything wrong by paying attention to ROI.

Moving up the corporate ladder is often characterized in a negative light. But despite that, it’s really nothing more than giving yourself the professional upgrade. What draws in the flak is the fact that, despite the upgrades, you’re not maximizing its resources to its fullest potential (whether it’s outsourced lead generation services or your managerial skills).

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